Terms and Conditions


Catering prices are per adult with children 5-12 half price and under 5 free. Catering includes the food, professional preparation in your villa/condo, service* and clean up.
Dinners include an appetizer, salad, main course and dessert with the exception of the Mexican Fiesta,Taco Night and Fajita Loca which include all the items listed. Meals are prepared family style; meaning all enjoy the same meal with some flexibility of course!
Additional menus items may be added at an additional charge.
Meals can be customized to your needs. Please email for details.

*Weddings, events and groups with over 15 guests are subject to extra charge for staff.

Terms & Conditions
-50% deposit is required to book catering/services
-Final payment is made on the date of service
-Credit cards are accepted ONLY through PayPal
-There is a minimum of 4 guests to book. Exceptions made with surcharge
-Holidays are subject to surcharge
-Shopping Service requires deposit and payment in full following arrival
-Shopping selection, at times, is limited and seasonal. We do the best we can, however, if you do not receive an item it means we could not get it or it was not of good quality
-Weddings, events and groups with over 15 guests are subject to 15% service fee on catering bill
-Locations outside of Playa del Carmen are subject to a travel fee. Fee is dependent upon the distance from Playa del Carmen (Playa Paraiso, Playa Secreto, Puerto Adventuras $30 per service)

Cancellation Policy
Deposits will be refunded with 30 days notice of cancellation.